June 19, 2017

Proven steps to success online


There are many skeptical people about starting an online business. People simply hardly believe that it is possible to earn money online. Some of them may have bad experience with online business, others may have been even scammed in the past, so now they think skeptically about earning money online.  

But there are a lot of people who already have a great success online and earn enough for living and even more. Nowadays to sell any product online is much easier than offline as many more people can reach your product online than offline. But there is a problem - it is not enough just to have a product or service alone. Those who really think about starting a business online, need to accomplish a few things in order to achieve success online. I will show you step by step what you have to do and all it is based not only on my own experience, but also on the experience of other successful marketers online. 

1. Don't be skeptical, but have a right mindset - you can be successful as many others online. If you think that the internet already is too overwhelmed and there is a big competition in any field, I should agree with one - there are a lot of people who are doing the same as you want to do, but this does not mean that there is no space left for you. There is a space for EVERYONE.
Many of those who already made a fortune online at first their steps were also skeptical. If they could become successful, why you can't? The Internet is vast and every day it is growing, more and more people every day get access to the internet. So, be motivated to work if you want to start making money online. 

2. Be ready to put some of your effort and much time into your chosen online project before you will be able to see first real results. Nothing is made fast and easy. 
If you are not going to work hard on a daily basis, then forget about possibility to achieve success online. There is no way to make a lot of money over night, only your efforts and hard work will bring results to you. if you still think otherwise - better search for something other. My warning - never work with those programs which promise a lot of money fast and easy - all those programs are scams and at the end of the work you simply get disappointed and skeptical. 

3. What means hard work that I mentioned above? I meant building website first. Build your first website for free, and yes, you can do it fast and simply with the power of WordPress, you can have your own website even within few minutes.  there are a lot of premade templates, so choose any of them and of course also choose your domain name that would fit to your niche or product. Now click the BUILD button and after the second you will have your website ready. And for that you do not need to be any html guru or have graphic design software.

4. Now, when you have your website running, think about what the product you want to work with. Choose it and start writing about your product or service. You can ask why you need to do it? Online business is all based on the information and people first search online and read the information before buying something. So, your task is to help them make the right decision - to chose your product. If you write badly or do not write at all - people simply find it elsewhere and buy. It's better for you if they buy from you, right? 

5. Everyone who starts writing about the chosen product, hope that people start buying right away. It wont happen. Writing is not enough. I said - work hard, and this means you must write regularly, at least 2-3 times a week about your product, you need to fill up your website with useful information. Only if you write on a regular basis, Google will notice your website and start ranking it. You know what the ranking means?
In simple words, ranking means that one of few your pages can appear in the top 10 of Google and other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. If you get pages ranked, it will start bringing the traffic (visitors). the visitors means that you start making money as there will surely be a sales. The higher ranking is, the more traffic you get, and that means there are more chances to make sales. 
Of course, it may happen that not all what you write about will appear in top 10. It will not. But if you write on a regular basis, some of your pages will get ranked. What this means for you? This means that these pages can bring a full time income for you. It is almost impossible to get all pages ranked in top 10. But some pages really can get ranked.

6. Give a captivating title of your articles in order to engage readers from the very start. But this does not mean that you must be scientific. Just write in interesting and simple style that would help to keep your readers attention. You do not need to fear to start writing, thinking that you must be an expert. In online business world rare who is a professional writer. Just write what you know for sure and your simplicity will attract people. 

starting_online_business7. As I mentioned, starting an online business is not easy at all, before first money you will need to work hard, to be patient and dedicated. Many dishonest marketers shout loudly about fast success in order attract your attention to make a sale and get your money. Do not believe them.
I do not know anyone who became successful overnight or even after a week or so. And I know a lot of marketers who are making a living online. We all needed to give a time in order to see results. Time and hard work. if to be honest, on average it requires 1 full year of your hard dedicated work before coming regular sales, and may even 2-3 years for making a few thousands per month.
Believe me, if you don’t give your online business enough time, you will never see the real results from all your online efforts. Sad to say, many people just quit after a few months and only a few hard workers, persistent marketers make a fortune. Follow their mindset, their experience, simply understand what is the game rules from the very beginning.

8.  And finally, the last what I want to say and probably the most important - to choose the right program that can really help you to become successful online. We all know that there are a lot of programs, that appear and disappear after some time, so my advice - choose carefully, choose any that has already proved sustainability and legitimacy. Choosing the wrong program means that you will waste your precious time and even money. Going this way, instead of moving towards your success you will be moving away from it.
The right program for me was and is Wealthy Affiliate – the number one online business community. It is highly reputable program online many years already. being a member of this program you will get a great opportunity to learn where to find the right product, how to write about it, how to monetize your website that it would make money even without sales, just by putting in the Google adverts. Also, you will have support from many successful marketers who work online, even from the WA founders. There is  live chat, there are some awesome tools and even free website to start your online journey.
You will have the opportunity to contact real people who already make, you could look at their websites to simplicity understand how should look your own website that could make money for you too. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, and will never scam you.
 And from now, everything depends on your decision to work online or search for something else.


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