July 1, 2017

Why setting goals is essential for your business success

set your goals

Years ago, when I just started working with online projects, I wondered why there were some marketers who seemed succeeded at everything whatever they worked with. And there also were ones who seemed could not achieve anything, all time failed whatever they tried. Now I know that this difference between successful ones and losers is in the setting goals and reviewing them regularly. 

There is a study on a goals showing that 80% of people don’t have goals. 16% of  of people have goals, but do not write them down. Only 3% of people write their goals down, but don't review them on a regular basis. And only 1%  of people write goals down and review them regularly. And what you think? This 1% is the most successful people. 

No matter what we want to achieve, big or just a little, we must to set our goals, because goals are not only for those who dream big. Every goal starts with a simple desire, even if we want just a little, even if we want less work or less responsibility - this is also a goal to achieve. 

Now a question, what you do with your desires and wishes? There are two ways: ignore them and let them fade away of your mind with a time, or listen to your wishes, start taking actions and finally get what you wanted in life. 

Excuses why people are not setting goals:

    setting goals
  • Not seeing the importance of setting goals.
  • Wishes for instant benefit, and goals seem being so far away.
  • Being not aware where to start or what the steps to take. 
  • The lack of the belief in own power to achieve what really want in life. 
Every your excuse just limiting you no matter what the reasons you have. If you are not setting your goals, everything stays vague and unclear what you really want. And you know what will happens? You may end up at a certain age having things which you did not really want in your life, too far away from the life you wanted to live. Without setting goals you will not know what you need to do in order to get where you want. 

The Benefits of Setting Goals

Setting goals will sure increase your chances of success. But there are some other benefits:
  • Setting goals makes your actions more focused, your actions involve process of turning your vision into reality.
  • Goals keep you inspired and motivated even in days when you are not in a good mood to take any actions; your goals give you the impulse that helps you to keep going.
  • Setting goals and reviewing them in a regular basis is like keeping holding up your vision in front of your eyes daily, and it gives you targeted direction; it helps you to keep moving closer and closer to what you really want.
  • When you set your goals, you are able to accomplish much more in just a few months compare to what other achieve in years; you faster will see better results that you even did not imagine. 
business successSo, if you dream really strong about something, then there are two ways: taking action or vain dreaming. You can just a dream about a miracle without doing anything and hope to get where you want to and finally get nothing. 

Or you can clearly define your steps towards your goal, slowly one by one  step going to your goal until you reach success in the chosen area.

Setting goals is the most important accent to achieving success.

The formula of success involve your desire, definition of your goal and writing it down, following right attitude and taking right actions.

If you follow it, soon you will watch how your vision like a miracle turns into reality, turns into your success.

The golden rules for setting goals

  • Set goals motivating you 
The best if your goals motivate you as this means that they are important to you, that you see a value in achieving them. If you care little in the outcome, or your goals are irrelevant when you see a larger picture, then the chances for success are too little. Motivation is top key to achieve your goals.

Set a goals that are tie up with your high priorities or you will end up with too many goals and there will be not enough time to achieve them all. Goals achievement always requires your commitment and the attitude " I must do it".

  • Set smart goals
Goals must be powerful, designed to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.

Specific goal - clear and well defined goal, providing sufficient direction. Goals itself should show you the way.

Measurable goals - include precise dates and amounts. Without measuring your goals you will miss its celebration when time will come.

Attainable goals - you must be sure that it is possible to achieve your goal, otherwise it will demoralize you and simply erode your confidence.

Relevant goals - goals must be relevant to the direction you want your life would take you. In this way you will develop the right focus to get ahead. If your goals will be inconsistent - you will fritter your life and time away. 

Set time-bound goals - what ever your goal would not be, it must have a deadline. you need it for to know when to celebrate your success. If you are working on a deadline, you know when you could celebrate achievement of your goal.
  • Write down your goal
It's not a joke, believe me, writing down your goal makes it tangible and real. After, you could not find any excuses for forgetting it. Never use words " I would like to" when writing down your goal. Instead write " I will.." Don't forget to define a time period for your goal achievement.

Post your goal in such place where you can see them daily.

  • Make a plan of your actions
Do not miss this step. Do not focus only on an outcome - for achieving your goal you must define step by step how you will achieve it. Write down individual steps and mark them as completed when finish it. This will show your progress in very clear way. Especially important to do it if your goal is big and for achieving it needs a lot of time.

  • Stick with it
Create a reminders for yourself for to stay on a track. Constantly review your goals and correct actions plan if something going not as it was defined. But always make sure that the value, relevance and necessity still remain high.

You can make a living or you can design a life

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