June 25, 2017

How much money is needed for to start business online?

It is a serious decision to start a business online. You  need to keep in mind that there will be needed your efforts and possibly even some money to spend for your chosen online project. Of course, you always can start for free, but it will require more time and more efforts till first results will start showing themselves. 

You can make the whole process much easier if you do things not blindly, but with knowledge and ask support for those who already passed this way.

When people start online business, often they think that for to be successful online they need to invest a lot of money. Of course, if you start business offline, you need serious investments as any offline business could not start without money. But doing things online it's quite different. 

The truth is - you do not need much money as you think. The way I offer you, is to start with website creation. If you search, I guess you will find many so called online gurus who will promise you big money without having your website or blog. They will say that you do not need even to promote any product or service.

There are a lot guidelines online how to make things working for you if you follow one or other system -  just follow their pre-made systems by simple steps: 1,2,3... There are also a lot of already "ready to work" systems, all you need is to subscribe and they will do all job for you. But surprise will wait for you inside after subscription. My advice - don't waste your time. And money. 

how_to_become_successful_onlineThe easiest way to start serious working online is to build your own website. In my previous posts, I explained how to do it withing few minutes. With advanced WordPress platform the whole process is very easy. 

It even will not require any money if you join for free Wealthy Affiliate. Being a free member you are allowed to create two websites. Keep them as long as you want. Monetize them. Write about what you want, what you know the best. Or promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn money. Or even add Google Adsense ads and earn this way. 

I do not ask you to join it. You can easy start making website yourself. All you need is domain name - yourwebsitename.com. It cost a little, but it worth to pay about $10 a year if you want your website to look professional.  At godaddy.com it will cost for you $13 for one year. You can buy domain even cheaper for $11 at namecheap.com. Or choose any other platform by searching google. 

Also, you will need a hosting for your new website to make it accessible via the web if you want cPanel for creation of your website or just need some advanced features. But if you just started your way online, at this point you can work without hosting and pay for it later. Anyway, hosting will cost you around $40 or more per year. 

Remember, as free member at Wealthy Affiliate you do not need to pay for domain name and hosting.

So, now you can start your journey - write content on regular basis. You do not need to be professional writer, just write about your chosen product. If you're too bad at writing, you always can go to Fiverr.com and buy articles from professionals, but I would advice better to do it by self, write in your own words. Buying articles is not cheap, you can fast and easily run out of your money before you see coming first earnings. 

free_business_startIf you are very new online, you need some understanding of how things work online. And again, Wealthy Affiliate can help you here - it gives 10 lessons just for free and if you go through all them, you will easily gain some knowledge. After you complete given free course, you can start working towards your success and do not spend any money at all.  

Of course, the free course will not give you the whole guideline as they give it to premium members, so do not expect a lot of money straight away. Although you really can make some money without investments. 

Premium members are allowed to host even 25 websites at Wealthy Affiliate, they get a lot of support from successful marketers, from owners, live webinars, video lessons, live chat and so on. All this teach you how to maximize your websites potential and you start making serious money from your efforts online. 

If you really will work hard, within just a year or so you can see coming first real money. There is no easy way to start any business online, so do not wait an easy money, but work hard. Once you manage it, you can become as much successful as you want. 

So, decide to be your own boss, work hard and success will come to you. 


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