December 9, 2017

Tips how to manage BINANCE - one of the largest cryptocurencies exchangers

binance cryptocoins exchanger

Binance is one of the world's most popular crypto currencies exchangers. Although this company is new enough, it has already managed to capture a huge market share in the world of cryptocurrencies because of its low fees and the huge choice of crypto coins.

In this review, I will try to provide the basic information that every person interested in cryptocurrencies must know. You will find information about the platform itself, its operation, which coins it accepts, fees, security and the Binance customer service department.

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How do You get started with BINANCE?

To start using the services offered by BINANCE, you must first create an account. The account creation process is especially easy, you only need to add your email and password, confirm email received. First-level accounts do not require any document approval (first-level accounts can take up to 2 Bitcoins per day). To raise your account level up to the second (limit - 100 Bitcoins per day), you will need to submit your photo ID or passport and wait for it to be approved. If you want to withdraw more than 100 BTCs per day, you will need to contact support and request a raise limit.

After completing the form and/or verifying it, users can add to their BINANCE account. Although you can do this with a lot of cryptocurrencies support, I recommend using Ethereum or Bitcoin for supplements.

To add coins, you must click Funds and then the "Deposits Withdrawals" buttons (located on the right, at the top of the page) and select the currency you want to add to your account. Click on the 'DEPOSIT' button in the currency to expand an additional field in which you will see your unique wallet address. You can send the selected currency to this address (for example, if you choose Ethereum, send Ethereum, not any other currency).

exchange cryptocoins

When your choosen currencies will reach your account - you can start using the exchange services, investing in different cryptocurrencies pores. The Binance offer is particularly broad since Binance supports not only all of the largest cryptocurrencies, but also many ICO tokens.

When you place your purchase order, simply wait for it to be executed in accordance with the terms /prices you specify.

How does the exchange work?

For the first time visiting the Binance page, you will notice that Binance offers two different options for changing cryptocurrencies - simplified (basic) and advanced. Both the simplified version and the advanced may not be easy for the novice to understand, but people who already work at the exchangers and have at least some knowledge it should not be difficult to understand.

The main difference between the basic and advanced versions is that the advanced version offers a deeper technical analysis of currencies. Meanwhile, in the simplified version, you can see several charts and diagrams for the couples you want to change, the order book, and the history of the exchanges.

The simplified version looks like this:

join binance

The advanced version looks like this:

binance exchange service

Supported Cryptocoins

One of the biggest Binance pluses is the very wide selection of cryptocoins and tokens. Trader can use the system to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Dash, NEO, Has, Zcash, Dash, Ripple and many more. As we mentioned before, you can find a lot of ICO listings that you can use to change.

A complete list of supported currencies:

Exchange rates and limits

At the time of writing, Binance charges an average of 0.1% of the tax on each change made by the user. Binance also offers Binance Token for exchange, which allows them to reduce their fees by another 50%! These are almost the lowest fees offered by any exchange.

The withdrawal fee depends on the currency you want to withdraw.

As for the limits - there is no limit that limits currency entry to the system, but unapproved accounts can be taken up to 2 BTCs per day, and approved - up to 100 BTC per day.


Although Binance is a relatively new company, it is already considered very reliable on the global market.

Accounts, like in most other exchange offices, can be protected (recommended) by TFA (Two-factor Authentication).

Customer service

For the exchanger to be successful, a good customer service is a must. While Binance currently faces huge platform growth and consumer growth, the service department is working well enough. You can submit queries using a form embedded in their website.

So far, unfortunately, LIVE customer service is not available.

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October 30, 2017

Bitlanders review: is it legit and safe?

join bitlanders

Old good Bitlanders! Yes, I have been forgotten this site. Joined, looked at it, and forgot even for years. And suddenly I found it is still working, and what was even more surprising - IT IS PAYING!!!. Paying year after year. For over 8 years already. And agree, it is a rare phenomenon in this changing Internet marketing world when some businesses last only a month or two.

And people are earning there. I see withdrawal proofs every day. And I know the top members are doing more or less $200 a month. Yes, I know it is not much. But it is free money with little efforts. And there are members on top list who joined just month or two ago. Strange, some join and leave even without learning how it works. Some say, it is too complicated and leave. But most stubborn ones stay, study, and start working. And earning. Steady. 

make money with bitlanders
I must admit, it may be not for everyone. As it requires writing blogs, and submitting content for review, as only reviewed blog content counts there. Also, you can create videos, original videos, and submit them. You can upload your photos, make photo albums and submit for review. So, choice is yours. But will be best of all if you are able to write contents on any topic, add some pictures, embedded videos and submit for review. It is not so hard as it may look from the first glance. 

So, about everything from the start:  

First Step is  - JOINING.
join bitlanders and earn moneyIt's easy and everyone can do it without  guidance, I guess. After joining, you can now login into your account. First of all, I recommend reading FAQ. There, everything is explained quite understandably. 

If you want to earn money, the biggest your concern is to obtain high BUZZ Score. 

What is a Buzz?

"The Buzz Score measures your reach, influence, and ability to engage your audience in your content. Every time you write a blog post and share it on your social networks, you engage and influence others.The Buzz Score looks at the number of your blog posts and their reach on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Film Annex. Users with high buzz scores are rewarded for their work."
In simple words, the BUZZ is the Bitlanders system used to determine the overall performance of each member. It is based on several parameters.

The BUZZ is composed of two parts: The BASE BUZZ and the BUZZ BONUS.

Base Buzz 
join bitlandersBase Buzz you receive from the Rated Content Score, Influence Score, Sharing Score and Subscribers Score. Base BUZZ points have a longer duration than the BUZZ Bonus ( they are temporary). To say in simple words - the BUZZ is the basis of our earning in Bitlanders. The higher is your BUZZ, the higher are your earnings.

  • Rated Content Score - submit your blogs, movies and photo galleries for review and be rewarded with BUZZ points after they are reviewed. The more stars we receive from our rate content, the more we get BUZZ points.
  • Influence Score - these are the BUZZ you will receive on your rated content given by other members. Note that only the BUZZ given on the rated content (it must have at least TWO stars) are included in the BUZZ Score.
  • Sharing Score - share your content on social media and receive BUZZ points credited to your Base BUZZ Score. The more you will share your contents to various social media, the higher will be your sharing score.  
  • Subscribers Score - you will get additional BUZZ Score when other members subscribe to you. Just make new friends.

Buzz Bonus 
It is a temporary bonus which you get for daily specific activities. Often, it lasts only for one day. This includes daily login buzz bonus, daily quests buzz bonus, shop purchase buzz bonus, content review bonus and content treasure.
join mbitlanders

  • Daily Login - log in every day and collect daily login bonus:  it starts at 1 BUZZ bonus on the first day and then increase up to 7 BUZZ bonus. You will receive 7 BUZZ bonus every day after the 7th day as long as you continue visiting the site. 

    • Daily Quests: 
      join bitlanders
    1. Watch 5 movies and receive 3 BUZZ bonus. 
    2. Read 5 rated blog posts and receive 1 BUZZ bonus. 
    3. Invite friend to join Bitlanders  and get 3 BUZZ bonus for 2 days. You will get BUZZ bonus only for one invited friend daily, second one will not be rewarded but you will receive 20% of the earnings of all your invited members.
    4. Submit a blog and receive 3 BUZZ bonus. That is different from the BUZZ Points you are receiving after your blog is reviewed. 

    • Shop Purchase - you also get BUZZ bonus for purchasing a certain item in the store.
    • Content Treasures - some BUZZ points given for your  certain activities.

    How To Increase Your Buzz Score

    • Create high-quality content (Blog Posts, movies, and galleries), submit them for review.  Focus on making such content.
    • Receive BUZZ from other users to your rated content.
    • Complete the Quest Box and the Daily Quest. it is easy to do. 
    • Invite others to join
    • Subscribe to other users, and they may also will subscribe to you. The more people view and buzz your rated content, the more you get points. 
    • Play FlapPig game - playing this game can help you gain additional Bitmiles.

    Summary: join, explore site, and start working. Do not expect high Buzz Score from the very first day, it will increase day after day if you are serious about work there and earn extra money. See you there! 


    September 14, 2017

    Focus Is the Recipe for Success


    Take any example of a successful person who has really reached success in the business field of his choice, and you will see that all of them have the same qualities. What are those qualities? They all have a clear goal, they work hard and have strong will to overcome all obstacles in their way to success.

    But there is also one other quality that separates them from the rest people. It is their focus, their ability to focus attention on the goals that they have set once. The efforts are really important if you want to complete any task, but the focus is the main factor that determines how well you will accomplish your tasks, how quick you will succeed.  

    The Value of Focus

    To imagine what is the focus, just  remember the experiment you probably made being a child with a lens in order to cause the inter flow of the sun’s rays and how you watched in awe when a scrap of paper placed under the lens caught fire? This, precisely, is what the focus is all about.

    When the sun's rays scatter everywhere, they could not have the ability to generate such strong heat causing flame, but using a lens for the focus the same sun rays and suddenly you get really magical results.

    The same happens with your business. You can have even the greatest ideas, you may have the most brilliant plans, but without setting your sights clearly on what you want to achieve and without follow it through with true focus, you will not reach your goals.

    How to Develop Your Focus

    If you compare the focus with motivation or perseverance, it is often easier to develop. Focus does not require anything new to learn. You just must let go some of your habits that distract you from the most important thing - achieving your goal. 

    What will help you to develop focus:

    • Stop Doing Too Much

    How many activities you have throughout the day? List them all and try to look at each individually and think about do you really need to do it. If it is possible, pass on the task to someone else. Some things you may do simply as a matter of habit, and if they  do not contribute you in any meaningful way, simply stop doing them. Stop doing those things that are not an absolute necessity for you at the present moment. If you follow this advice, you will find it easier to focus on those tasks that really are most important.

    •  Prioritize 
    Never blindly jump into getting any things done, but always pick the tasks that are most important. Make "to do" list and sort out your tasks arranging them according to how any task is urgent or important. Prioritizing tasks will help you avoid such activities that drain your energy and time. After you cut out something that was not important, you will find it easier to do things what you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

    • Get Rid of Distractions
    Focus Sometimes very simple thing can divert our mind from necessary task and serve as a distraction: an interesting article we want to read, an e-mail from a friend or even a conversation in the office. Such distraction tends to make us lose not only our valuable time, but also our focus. 

    So, we must take steps to keep any distraction away: put in order your desk, your computer and your home and you sure will find it easier to focus on the tasks. Take off the headphones to cut out distracting music, turn off the television and even your phone. Say to people that you will be busy and out for the next few hours and shut the door of your room. 

    • The Bottom Line

    The wold around us is competitive and we believe that multi-tasking is essential for achieving success, but it can simply cause damage by draining us. The best choice is to stick to one goal at a time and work on achieving your one goal and only them move on to another one.

    These simple steps can help you to improve your focus and you will find that your productivity increased. 

    August 13, 2017

    How to make a free website in minutes in an easy way

    free website

    If you are engaged in Network Marketing, you need a website. There are some site builders allowing to create website for free. I am going to show you one easy way how you can to do it with zero cost and just in minutes.

    But what is the point to have website without making money with it? Website alone does not mean success. If you have some financial goals, you can achieve them with your website.

    how to start online businessAs I mentioned, there are many free website builders, such as famous online or But you will only get a free website based on platform of wordpress and no other benefits.

    So, I want to show you free website builder based on wordpress platform with much more advantages.

    Siterubix free website

    Making own website will be just a first step to your success online. But in order to make money from it you need a bit more than just having website. if you have no knowledge, you need some training on how you can earn money, you need also support along the way, you need answers to your questions. If you get all this, then there is  good chance to become successful.

    4 simple steps to your own website

    Step 1
    Open Siterubix website builder. Enter any domain name you want for your website and click button “build it now” to heck your domain name availability.

    So, you will have your "” website. At later time you may want to buy domain name and get rid of siterubix addition.

    Step 2

    free website

    After you hit the button “Build My Free Website”, the creation process will begin. Sitebubix will ask you to create a free account. Do it and continue the process of building your new free website.

    free website

    Step 3
    Choose any template that you like most.

    Step 4
    Click the button “I’m ready, Build my website now”. After you complete all four simple steps - you will have own free website that looks professional. 

    free website

    Access your free website

    Now you have completely free and well functioning website, and of course you want to access it and add some information, content and so on. In order to do it, visit Log into your account and choose "Siterubix" -> "Sitemanager".

    free website

    free website

    You will be taken to next screen. Log in now and get access to your new website. Customize it and add some content. Click on “details” if you need ftp access. That’s all you need to know in order to have a free website. Keep it as long as you want. 

    free website

    Other benefits 

    You have a professional website and other advanced features: secure hosting, daily backups of your free website, 24/7 support, live chat, email&forwards, etc. Some of these features will be free for you only for first 7 days and there is an option to upgrade to continue get back these benefits. 

    free website

    As a free member you get:

    • Training
    • 24/7 support
    • Free website with limited access

    How you can get a website for free and start making money from it

    Wealthy Affiliate membership gives you a free and fully functioning website, but it also will teach you how to make money online. Thousands of other online marketers, members of this website, have already started with a free website and now earn a lot of money. That is right choice for you. 
    wealthy affiliate

    July 24, 2017

    How to Think Positively No Matter What Happens

    How to Think Positively No Matter What Happens

    What is positiveness? It is thinking only of good things. And we know that it's not so easy as it seems at first glance. Statistically, people tend to think more about failures than success.  What the reason is? The positive thinking requires of us much more energy than a pessimistic thoughts.

    positive thinking
    It is a big job to maintain optimistic thoughts and call yourself an optimist. But if you try it, soon you will see that thinking about good things improves your life greatly. If it's hard for you to think positively, you should learn to do it. 

    There are some tips for you: 

    • No matter what happens, never let yourself to think of bad things.

    positive _thinkingStop to read thrilling books and to watch sad movies, do not watch nightly news at TV, there will always be bad news. Going to sleep do not think about any problems that are waiting for solving the next day. Even if it is not true, better imagine that everything is great. There is always the possibility that very soon everything will be OK for real and positive thinking can help easier overcome it. 

    • Always think only good about other people
    positive thinkingSome people irritate us, but we can't avoid them in daily life, so the easiest way is to find good qualities of these persons. The degree of irritation will go down. Also, you can say a compliment, but say it sincerely. Simply treat all people kindly, and no one will have a desire to irritate and disappoint you. If you treat them kindle, most likely they will change their behavior.

    •  Don’t rush to make fast conclusions
    How to Think Positively No Matter What HappensDo not rush to blame yourself or other people if you get into a horrible situation. There is always at least one positive feature, all you need to do is to look from the other side. Life gives to each of us some difficulties and we must accept them as a lesson. Our primary task is to understand why it  all happened to us, then we must accept the situation and finally to take maximum advantage of this life's lesson.

    •  Set your goals and truly believe in their achievement
    positive thinking
    Never doubt your success. Believe that everything is possible. When people are thinking about failure, they are sending a clear signal to the universe that are ready to get negative outcome. The positive thinking people are much healthier, they rarely get sick. There are many examples when people having severe diseases with a positive attitude overcame it. Positive mindset can help you in many ways. 

    • Be careful about what you say
    positive thinkingPeople usually underestimate the power of words. Saying both positive or negative words, we are sending the appropriate command to our brain and in such way we attract either success or failure. For example, if to say "I will not fail anymore" more likely you will say the same in the next year again. Particle “NOT” is the word which is perceived as negativeness. If you want to attract the success into your life, say: “I am successful at everything what I am going.”

    •  Visualize
    positive thinkingVisualization is a very effective technique for improving your health, for developing your self-confidence, for improving communication skills, and other. But visualization should be positive. So, close your eyes and breathe slowly, deeply. Imagine that you are healthy, successful, happy and confident. Your visualization depends on what you want to achieve in life. One session's duration - 1-3 minutes. Do it regularly in order to make visualization technique more effective.

    Think only positive thinking and you will have optimistic lifestyle.

    July 12, 2017

    Sites Paying You For Testing Out Websites.


    If you are frequent user of Internet, you probably sometimes find yourself frustrated coming to poorly designed websites. It may be hard to find contact information or you wasted precious minutes trying to quickly navigate the site. Instead of getting frustrated why not send your critical insights to those who are able to improve it?

    There are websites online that search for people like you who could provide valuable feedback and help them to make really meaningful improvements.

    As a website tester you can make $30 an hour!

    Sign up with the company User Testing. Download  software, test website, provide your feedback and finally get paid. The software simple records movements, clicks and keystrokes of your mouse while you explore the site. They may also ask you to record a few thoughts and few answers to some questions at the test end. Typically, the whole process takes only about 15 minutes. All you work actually can be useful and constructive for both website improvement and you as visitor. 

    To work with this company you need to have an internet connection, computer with a microphone, to be internet savvy and to speak fluent English. Most test will pay you average of $10 for the test and it takes you 5-25 minutes. 

    There are some companies to test websites:

    Earn $10 for one test. In order to become a tester you need to submit your email address and apply for testing. You will be asked to make a sample test before receive assignments. It is open to the US and also International residents. Payments are made via PayPal. 

    pays_for_testing_websitesSubmit your email address, your password, and pick a way of testing: smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. You will receive emails when assignments will be ready for you. The pay (from $0.10) and assignments will vary in nature. Payments are made via PayPal. It is open global. 

    Answer questions about startup websites and get paid. You need to share your thoughts in a written response. Completed test pays $5.00. Payments are made via Paypal weekly.

    You can earn $10 for 15 – 20 minutes of work. Sign up for an account and pass a qualification test in order to understand the process and requirements. if you qualify, you will get test opportunities via email. Payments are made via PayPal every second week. 

    It pays $10 for your thoughts on various websites. Register an account, and go through sample test. If it is approved, you will get assignments via  email. Payments are made at the end of every week via PayPal.

    It pays $101 for each test, providefeedback on websites, prototypes, applications, concepts and more. Apply registering an account, and wait for an invite to complete an assignment. It pays via PayPal.

    You will need to test website usability for desktop and mobile platforms. It pays average $5 to $10 for each test depending on the complexity. Tests take 10 - 20 minutes to complete. It pays via PayPal and it takes 10 - 14 business days after you complete the test.

    Send a feedback on clients websites. In order to get started you need to fill out the application, then to take a sample test. If you will be approved, you will get assignments via email.  The each test takes about 20 minutes and it pays £8 or about $12.50. Payments are made via PayPal each month on the 25th. It is global.

    If you start working with testing websites, do not expect to get test every hour. Sign up with as many testing companies as possible to get more tests. Always make your best at any test, because many companies rate their testers and ones with higher scores usually get more and better paying gigs.

    July 1, 2017

    Why setting goals is essential for your business success

    set your goals

    Years ago, when I just started working with online projects, I wondered why there were some marketers who seemed succeeded at everything whatever they worked with. And there also were ones who seemed could not achieve anything, all time failed whatever they tried. Now I know that this difference between successful ones and losers is in the setting goals and reviewing them regularly. 

    There is a study on a goals showing that 80% of people don’t have goals. 16% of  of people have goals, but do not write them down. Only 3% of people write their goals down, but don't review them on a regular basis. And only 1%  of people write goals down and review them regularly. And what you think? This 1% is the most successful people. 

    No matter what we want to achieve, big or just a little, we must to set our goals, because goals are not only for those who dream big. Every goal starts with a simple desire, even if we want just a little, even if we want less work or less responsibility - this is also a goal to achieve. 

    Now a question, what you do with your desires and wishes? There are two ways: ignore them and let them fade away of your mind with a time, or listen to your wishes, start taking actions and finally get what you wanted in life. 

    Excuses why people are not setting goals:

      setting goals
    • Not seeing the importance of setting goals.
    • Wishes for instant benefit, and goals seem being so far away.
    • Being not aware where to start or what the steps to take. 
    • The lack of the belief in own power to achieve what really want in life. 
    Every your excuse just limiting you no matter what the reasons you have. If you are not setting your goals, everything stays vague and unclear what you really want. And you know what will happens? You may end up at a certain age having things which you did not really want in your life, too far away from the life you wanted to live. Without setting goals you will not know what you need to do in order to get where you want. 

    The Benefits of Setting Goals

    Setting goals will sure increase your chances of success. But there are some other benefits:
    • Setting goals makes your actions more focused, your actions involve process of turning your vision into reality.
    • Goals keep you inspired and motivated even in days when you are not in a good mood to take any actions; your goals give you the impulse that helps you to keep going.
    • Setting goals and reviewing them in a regular basis is like keeping holding up your vision in front of your eyes daily, and it gives you targeted direction; it helps you to keep moving closer and closer to what you really want.
    • When you set your goals, you are able to accomplish much more in just a few months compare to what other achieve in years; you faster will see better results that you even did not imagine. 
    business successSo, if you dream really strong about something, then there are two ways: taking action or vain dreaming. You can just a dream about a miracle without doing anything and hope to get where you want to and finally get nothing. 

    Or you can clearly define your steps towards your goal, slowly one by one  step going to your goal until you reach success in the chosen area.

    Setting goals is the most important accent to achieving success.

    The formula of success involve your desire, definition of your goal and writing it down, following right attitude and taking right actions.

    If you follow it, soon you will watch how your vision like a miracle turns into reality, turns into your success.

    The golden rules for setting goals

    • Set goals motivating you 
    The best if your goals motivate you as this means that they are important to you, that you see a value in achieving them. If you care little in the outcome, or your goals are irrelevant when you see a larger picture, then the chances for success are too little. Motivation is top key to achieve your goals.

    Set a goals that are tie up with your high priorities or you will end up with too many goals and there will be not enough time to achieve them all. Goals achievement always requires your commitment and the attitude " I must do it".

    • Set smart goals
    Goals must be powerful, designed to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.

    Specific goal - clear and well defined goal, providing sufficient direction. Goals itself should show you the way.

    Measurable goals - include precise dates and amounts. Without measuring your goals you will miss its celebration when time will come.

    Attainable goals - you must be sure that it is possible to achieve your goal, otherwise it will demoralize you and simply erode your confidence.

    Relevant goals - goals must be relevant to the direction you want your life would take you. In this way you will develop the right focus to get ahead. If your goals will be inconsistent - you will fritter your life and time away. 

    Set time-bound goals - what ever your goal would not be, it must have a deadline. you need it for to know when to celebrate your success. If you are working on a deadline, you know when you could celebrate achievement of your goal.
    • Write down your goal
    It's not a joke, believe me, writing down your goal makes it tangible and real. After, you could not find any excuses for forgetting it. Never use words " I would like to" when writing down your goal. Instead write " I will.." Don't forget to define a time period for your goal achievement.

    Post your goal in such place where you can see them daily.

    • Make a plan of your actions
    Do not miss this step. Do not focus only on an outcome - for achieving your goal you must define step by step how you will achieve it. Write down individual steps and mark them as completed when finish it. This will show your progress in very clear way. Especially important to do it if your goal is big and for achieving it needs a lot of time.

    • Stick with it
    Create a reminders for yourself for to stay on a track. Constantly review your goals and correct actions plan if something going not as it was defined. But always make sure that the value, relevance and necessity still remain high.

    You can make a living or you can design a life