June 12, 2017

Easy steps to make your website successful


Of course, there are a lot successful stories online how one or another blogger created a blog and started earning a lot of money. Those who just started blogging want to know what they require to do in order their blog or website would create one more success story. And there are a lot of things we must go through if we want our blog would succeed. 

Unfortunately, many people think that it is easy to do, just start a website and blog and success will come while reality is very different.

Of course, such platform as Word Press let you build your blog/website within a few minutes. But what the benefit will be if people will not want to stay on your blog/website and read your posts?  Or may happens even worse and no one knows that your website/blog does exist?

I already mentioned in my previous posts that it requires a lot of efforts and time spent if you want to make your website successful. So, what are those steps to be done for to have  a successful website? 

tips_how_to_make_your-website_successfulContent is a king - create unique content and necessary schedule content creation. Believe me, content really is the number one issue for any blog/website. The content makes your website/blog stand out among numerous other websites. The content drives traffic to your website. Without unique content you can think that you have not any website even if you post there something time from time.

I hope you already have spent a lot of time online and understood that the foundation of any website is exactly content and to create unique content is not as easy as it looks. It requires time and knowledge and your passion. Original content requires to do a lot of research online studying your niche. Never go for easiest way - just copy other people' content and put it on your website/blog. Respect copyrights of author. Of course, you can visit other successful websites in your niche and get some ideas for your content, but your content should reflect your own thoughts, your own view on different issues. If you go just for copy - you will not be successful. 

In addition to all that, you also must be able to write a number of featured articles in your niche. And the last thing, create your content consistently - write at least 2-3 times a week. It would be perfect if you are able to add content on a daily basis or every other day. It is simple: the more content - the more traffic.

What can help you to get ideas for new content? Always read comments on your website/blog and see what people talk about, what are their thoughts. Read comments on other websites also and participate in forums that are related to your niche. Be active on social media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. 

In addition, you can visit article directories: ezineartcles, streetarticles,  ehow and get some ideas for your content. You can read websites of your competitors and get some ideas for your website. In one word, if you want to make your website successful - do a lot of research online and read a lot. 

Install Google analytics and track the traffic to your website. This will let you know which pages of your website are most visited. Then make some improvements to those pages: try different types of banners, different text links or just other products added to those pages and monitor which of them convert the most. Tracking of your traffic is very important to online success.

Be sure to interlink all your related posts. This is the good way your readers easily find more of your content and also it is useful if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your website/blog. Interlink related posts is very important because we never know which of our pages will get ranked on Google. If we interlink all related pages, then one page can bring traffic to other pages on our website/blog.

Show yourself an authority in your niche. Be active online and express your own opinion on any issue on your and other websites, but try doing it from different sides if you want to stand out from the crowd. Your readers will start to value your opinion, but stay objective in your opinion, in other way you can easy lose the trust of your readers.

If you can afford, buy a premium WordPress theme. That will add value to your website and will build trust with your visitors. It is very important to have a professional looking website for to be successful. But if you can't afford, start working with a free version and add unique content attracting more visitors. There may come a question why I have this blog on Blogger. I have a few blogs on WordPress and now testing Blogger. Many say that blogger is easiest for beginners to start with. Working with both, I can say that blogger platform is really more easy to start with, but more professional and optimized already blogs are done with WordPress.

Don’t overdo your design, minimalist style is best option - it is easy to manage and to navigate.

tips_for_successful_websiteBe helpful to your readers. Your first task should be to create a website that would answer questions of your visitors and solve problems they search answers for. So, focus on this task and it will bring you to success. 

Compress your images. If the images you are using for articles are too large in size, just compress them. The image should not exceed 100/200 Kbyte.  Tinypng can help you with this task. Over time, your blog will grow, and the more images you have uploaded to your site, the more time your website will need to load. Too many large size images will surely slow down your website load time. This free tutorial will teach you how to make your site load faster. 

Above I posted link to tutorial from Wealthy Affiliate, the best site to start for if it all seems too hard for you to go through alone. It will give you a lot of advantages over your chosen niche's competitors. WA community has an active forum where thousands of active members every day discuss about website creation's issues and you can ask any question and get an advice from many online marketers who already earn a lot from their websites.

Wealthy Affiliate and its members for sure will provide a lot of ideas for expanding your business and improving your website. There is also an excellent training via courses that will seriously increase your knowledge and experience and later it will  pay you off. In Wealthy Affiliate are a lot of people who have websites related to your niche and you could learn from them as many of them already are real successful marketers.

I understand that writing content really takes a lot of time, but if you want to make money with your website, constant content writing must become your job and must be done at least few times a week. Make it as your job, and it will bring you to success.

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