June 7, 2017

How to become a successful blogger


Nowadays many people have a dream to create a blog and share their ideas, knowledge to other people, and through blogging to make some money. Some money may be not right word as many online bloggers make enough big money. 

How about you? Do you also think about starting a blog, but have not any idea where and how to start? There was a time when I felt clueless about everything what is related to blogging. I started my first blog in Word Press. I so liked blogging that made mistake and created two others blogs almost at the same time. And failed to maintain them all. Now I know that at first need to work and built one blog and if it become successful, you can go further with other one. But as I mentioned, I was too clueless. Learning and own experience made me more knowledgeable about blogging. 

I have good news for you - creating a blog is not so hard as it may seems from the first glance. Just start and learn from your experience, from others great successful bloggers and go step by step to your success. 

Now is a question how to do it?

Steps you should do in order to start a blog

succeed_in_blogging1. When you are starting blog, it is important to decide what the niche you want to write about. Choose only such you are passionate about. What it is? Cooking? Online marketing? Parenting blog? Automotive? Beauty? Health? Have you already found your true passion? if not, then first find your passion, believe me, you will find it hard to write about things without passion.

2. First thing what you need is domain name and hosting company. Find a good name and domain name for your blog. The domain name is what we type into the address bar when want to go to a website. You can use Bluehost for registering your domain. You will not even need to set up a Word Press page (it is the platform Bluehost use and it does all for you). Bluehost’s basic price is $2.75 a month. After registering, you by simple one click install Word Press through Bluehost. There is live chat at Bluehost if you have any issues and they will help you. I gave this company just as an example, search Google and you will find plenty of hosting comanies.

3. Choose a theme. Do not rush and choose one that really fits to your niche that your blog would look exactly how you want it to look. If you are clueless in html codding, the theme makes your design work a million times easier. There are many free themes to choose from in your control panel of WordPress. If you want more professional look for your blog, you can choose premium themes as they include more useful functions. Very popular premium theme is the Genesis Framework, it is used by many top blogs.

succeed_in_blogging4. Modify your blog. Now you have your own domain, you have hosting, you have WordPress and you have the theme. make your theme visually look as you wanted. Set up a free Feedburner account for people who want to subscribe to your site via RSS subscriptions or email. next step is to established a free Google Analytics account in order to track your blogg's stats. It is easy to signup both Feedburner and Google Analytics, so use them. 

Install some plugins if you want. I would advice not to overload blog with all kind of plugins. Use such as Google Analytics for WordPress and of course, share buttons plugins for social media as it’s important to make easy sharing of your posts. It takes just a few second to install these plugins. Look at WPBeginner’s Best WordPress Plugins, maybe you will find some cool plugins there.

4. Write compelling meaningful content. It is good to have such pages on your blog: About Page, Contact Page, Archives Page, Tutorials page, etc. Start writing new blog posts and publish them regularly. It is very important to post text regularly, at least once a week. Use a free photos for your blog from such sites as Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Library of Congress.

Find powerful topics to write about. No matter what niche you write about, do it around topics that are important not only to you, but would be interesting and useful to other people too.

make_money_with_blog6. Learn about search engine optimization, in short - SEO. The basics of SEO is knowing which keywords to use in your posts. Keywords are what people search for in search engines such as Google and others. Through keywords they will find your blog. Some keywords get much more searches than others, so your interest should be to choose right keywords. Just keep in mind that those who used more often also are more competitive. After you choose keywords, include them in each your post in various combinations. Focus on one and include the others only if they are relevant to this one, in other words, use similar keywords. In such way the search engines consider you as focused and relevant to what you are targeting and will rank you more highly.

7. Spread the word about your website. Now you have your blog up, you added some valuable content and you need to start building your audience. Share your blog to social media sites, write comments on other blogs and link to your blog, start a newsletter to get subscribers, build your email list, setup a Start Here page, and many other ways...

Invest your time and energy not only into writing, but also into sharing what you write, and your readers will grow.

What makes your blog successful?

make_money_with_blogAdd Value. Add value to your readers lives via your blog. In such way you will find true passionate readers who will always come back to read your posts. The value can come in forms based on in what the niche your website is.

Be original writer. Remember that there are a plenty of bloggers writing about the same topic or same product. Think about why people should choose your blog, not others. Think about your creativity, perspective and value you could add to your blog. 

Be interesting writer. Write awesome content that could attract readers. Be different. Especially if you want your content to be shared by readers with others. Listen to people and help them. Help people with practical solutions and it will get them interested and attract them to your site.

Be Yourself. tell your own story. It is always interesting how people make their fortune. You are unique person and your story is unique. Do not overflow your story with superfluous details as it is proved that successful author removes 99% of what really happened leaving only 1% what is really interesting for readers. 

make_money_with_blogBe Honest. Make your blog real, it must be authentic. Never lie to your readers and never promise what you could not fulfill. I many times read promises to make people rich overnight and I just laugh and never come back to such blogs. 

Invest your time in blogging. Blogging takes a lot of time. Once you have your design set up, do not waste time tweaking it often. Instead of this better spend your time on writing content.

Share your content on social media sites. I would recommend first of all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can add more media buttons for sharing, but better focus on the writing first, leave social media thereafter.

In other words KEEP IT SIMPLE.

The funny thing is that you can make a full-time income from building a blog. Many do it, you can also. But you can't if put into it not enough time and efforts. Consider it as your work and be consistent and hard worker. But write because you are passionate about it, not because you think about money you could make.

If all this looks for you too hard work to accomplish and you want an easier way to start your first blog, if you got tired of numerous programs that promise to make you rich overnight, then I am going to offer you Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a good, well established reputation many years already and it can really change your life. Just take an action. The more efforts and time you are ready to invest, the better results you will achieve. 

As I mentioned in other my posts, Wealthy Affiliate is a solid training course teaching you the basics of Internet marketing and even advanced techniques. You will get knowledge allowing you to start making money online.

Many members of WA earn a full time income, others earn a one another hundred - it really depends on many aspects: on your goal, on your consistency, on your efforts. there are members who earn thousands of dollars a month, but of course not every member can easy achieve this level. 

What you can get there as an alternative to creating your own first blog and hosting it to other company?  You will get easy to use and technically advanced website building platform as WA has its own website building platform called Site Rubix. You can use this platform to create your first website within seconds.

Click on button: "Build it now” and find that your website is already running and it is ready to make you money. All you need to do is to write some content for your website and give some time to your business until it starts growing.

You don’t need to search and go somewhere else for to buy a domain name and hosting company as WE has all options. Wealthy Affiliate hosting includes: WordPress optimized servers, secure hosting, full redundancy, daily backups, 24/7 website monitoring,vEmail & forwards, Site Health analyzing and other features. 

earn_money_by_bloggingYou can take advantage of WA training course on affiliate marketing. It oprovides the easy and legit way how to make money online. They also teach you how to get organic traffic from search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. Traffic means targeted visitors coming to your website, the people who are ready to buy the product or service you are promoting. You may ask what if you do not have a product to promote? It is not a problem as WA will teach you how to pick one for free. 

WA provides not only courses of training, there are also weekly live webinars on various topics. And most important, you will get access to those successful online marketers that make serious money working online, so take advantage of their unique experience.

how_to_become_successful_onlineFinally, it’s all up to you to make it work. Only you know how serious you are about building an online business.You can choose a way I described above, create your blog, choose a hosting company and start your journey online, or join Wealthy Affiliate as the best program for starting  to make money from a website.

I do not want to give you any false promises, and Wealthy Affiliate does not it also. I can only repeat one more time that your success depends completely on your effort. But it is easier to achieve success if you have the right tools, the right helping community and the right training. All this you can find in Wealthy Affiliate.


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